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Books & Historical Papers in the Study Center

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Because of the all but irreplacable nature of these books and papers, they are not available for loan. However, copying is available by the Study Center at twenty five cents per page. All requests should be made to:

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  1. The open boat : across the Pacific / by Webb Chiles. Chiles, Webb. New York : Norton, c1982.
  2. Old Glory Driver. Merrill, John, b. 1875. New York, Vantage Press [1956]
  3. Narrative of the most extraordinary and distressing shipwreck of the whaleship Essex. With supplementary accounts of survivors and Herman Melville's notes. Introd. by B. R. McElderry, Jr. Chase, Owen. New York, Corinth Books [distributed by Citadel Press, New York, 1963]
  4. The wreck of the whaleship Essex a narrative account by Owen Chase, first mate. Edited, and with prologue and epilogue, by Iola Haverstick and Betty Shepard. Map by Kathleen Voute. Chase, Owen. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World [c1965]
  5. The loss of the ship Essex sunk by a whale : and the ordeal of the crew in open boats / Thomas Nickerson editors of original manuscript, Helen Winslow Chase and Edouard A. Stackpole. Nickerson, Thomas, 1805-1883. Nantucket : Nantucket Historical Association, 1984.
  6. "Narratives of the wreck of the whale-ship Essex of Nantucket which was destroyed by a whale in the Pacific Ocean in the year 1819;""Narratives of the wreck of the whale-ship Essex / Owen Chase" Chase, Owen. New York : Dover Publications, 1989.
  7. In the heart of the sea : the tragedy of the whaleship Essex / by Nathaniel Philbrick. Philbrick, Nathaniel. New York : Viking, 2000.
  8. Revenge of the whale : the true story of the whaleship Essex / Nathaniel Philbrick. Philbrick, Nathaniel. New York : G.P. Putnam, c2002.
  9. The loss of the Essex : sunk by a whale in mid-ocean / byEdouard A. Stackpole. Stackpole, Edouard A., 1905- Falmouth, Mass. : Kendall Printing, 1977.
  10. [Diary, July 1893 - March 1894] [manuscript] / by Edward Harmon Gates. Gates, E. H. (Edward Harmon), 1855-. 1894
  11. Jottings from a cruise : Captain Green's experiences as recorded by him on the illfated voyage of the barque Mertola also his further adventures aboard the barques Grassendale and Wilhelm Tell / by Alfred J. Green. Green, Alfred John, 1851-1926. Seattle : Kelly Printing Co., 1947.
  12. The wreck of the wild wave / Thurman C. Petty, Jr. Petty, Thurman C., 1940- Boise, Idaho : Pacific Press Pub. Association, c1991.
  13. The wreck of the wild wave / Thurman C. Petty, Jr. Petty, Thurman C., 1940- Boise, Idaho : Pacific Press Pub. Association, c1991.
  14. The wreck of the Wild Wave, being the true account of the wreck of the clipper ship Wild Wave of Boston, by Edith Thacher Hurd pictures by Frederick T. Chapman. Hurd, Edith Thacher, 1910- London, New York [etc.] Oxford university press [1942]
  15. The cradle of the deep. Lowell, Joan, 1900-1967. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1929.
  16. "Naufrage de la fr??gate la M??duse. English;""Narrative of a voyage to Senegal in 1816 undertaken by order of the French Government ... by J.B. Henry Savigny and ...Alexander Corr??ard illustrated with the notes of M. Bredif?" Savigny, Jean Baptiste Henri, 1793-1843. London, Dawsons, 1968.
  17. Pandora : an archaeological perspective / Peter Gesner. Gesner, Peter, 1949- South Brisbane : Queensland Museum, 1991.
  18. Pandora : an archaeological perspective / Peter Gesner. Gesner, Peter, 1949- South Brisbane : Queensland Museum, 1991.
  19. Bounty Bay : 5000 nasse Meilen im Pazifik : auf dem Spuren von Captain Bligh / Burghard Pieske. Pieske, Burghard, 1944- Bielefeld : Delius Klasing, c1999.
  20. Pitcairn log book / by E.H. Gates. Gates, E. H. (Edward Harmon), 1855- v.1 1890?
  21. The Pitcairn anthology : a quarter century of the Pitcairn log / edited by Everett L. Parker. Greenville, ME : Moosehead Communications, Inc. 1998.
  22. Cracker hash the story of an apprentice in sail. Stenhouse, Joseph Russell. [London] P. Marshall [1955]
  23. Adventure! / by Carveth Wells with a foreword by Lowell Thomas. Wells, Carveth. Garden City, N.Y. : Garden City Pub. Co., c1931.
  24. Strange crimes at sea, by Louis B. Davidson and Eddie Doherty. Illus. by Gordon Grant. Introd. by William McFee. Davidson, Louis B. (Louis Bennett), b. 1894. New York, Grosset & Dunlap [1966, c1954]
  25. Home port Victoria a collection of true stories of men and ships that sailed from this port, told by seamen at meetings of the Thermopylae Club, Victoria, B.C., including short sketches of their narrators, articles on relevant history of the Port. Jupp, Ursula. Victoria, B.C., Ursula Jupp, 2254 Arbutus Rd., 1967.
  26. True sea stories / Paul Aston. Aston, Paul. New York : Sterling Pub., 1997.
  27. Square-rigger days [by] Warren Armstrong. Bennett, William Edward. New York, John Day Co. [1964]
  28. Wrecked! : mysteries and disasters at sea / Jan Bassett. Bassett, Jan. St. Leonards, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 1996.
  29. Women sailors and sailors' women : an untold maritime history / David Cordingly. Cordingly, David. New York : Random House, c2001.
  30. Autobiography and sketches of my travels by sea and land. ... Diman, George Waters, b. 1823. Bristol, R.I. : Press of the semi-weekly Bristol Phoenix, 1896.
  31. Deepwater family, by Fred B. Duncan. With an afterword by Karl Kortum. Duncan, Fred B. [New York] Pantheon Books [1969]
  32. Epics of the sea / A. A. Hoehling. Hoehling, A. A. (Adolph A.) Chicago : Contemporary Books, c1977.
  33. Courage at sea : tales of heroic voyages / Naomi James. James, Naomi. London : Stanley Paul, 1987.
  34. A child under sail / by Elizabeth Linklater with a foreword by Eric Linklater. Linklater, Elizabeth Young. London : R. Hart-Davis, 1949.
  35. Seeing the world : a young sailor's own story / by Charles Nordhoff. Nordhoff, Charles, 1830-1901. London Edinburgh : William P. Nimmo, 1876.
  36. Of men and ships : the best sea tales / Scott Rye. Rye, Scott. Stamford, CT : Longmeadow Press, c1993
  37. The ocean wave : narratives of some of the greatest voyages, seamen, discoveries, shipwrecks, and mutinies of the world / by Henry Stewart. Stewart, Henry. London : John Hogg, 1883.
  38. The schooner that came home the final voyage of the C. A. Thayer. Photos by Karl Kortum. Trott, Harlan. Cambridge, Md., Cornell Maritime Press 1958.
  39. Men, ships, and the sea, by Alan Villiers and other adventures on the sea. Foreword by Melville Bell Grosvenor. Villiers, Alan, 1903-1982. Washington, National Geographic Society [1962]
  40. The war with Cape Horn, by Alan Villiers. Drawings and maps by Adrian Small. Villiers, Alan, 1903-1982. New York, Scribner [1971]
  41. The Dalton journal : two whaling voyages to the South Seas, 1823-1829 / edited by Niel Gunson. Dalton, William, 1802-1873. [Canberra] : National Library of Australia, c1990.
  42. Captain Edmund Gardner, of Nantucket and New Bedford : his journal and his family / edited and compiled by John M. Bullard. Gardner, Edmund, 1784-1875. New Bedford, Mass. : Bullard, 1958.
  43. Stove by a whale : Owen Chase and the Essex / Thomas Farel Heffernan. Heffernan, Thomas Farel, 1933- [Middletown, Conn.] : Wesleyan University Press Hanover : University Press of New England, c1990.
  44. The whalers of Tangalooma / David Jones. Jones, David, d. 1785. Melbourne : Nautical Association of Australia, 1980.
  45. Yankee whalers in the South Seas. Drawings by Richard M. Powers. Whipple, A. B. C. (Addison Beecher Colvin), 1918- Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1954.
  46. Adventurous boat voyages / by Robert Richardson with eighteen illustrations. Richardson, Robert. London Edinburgh New York : T. Nelson and Sons, 1886.
  47. Northern Light : one couple's epic voyage from the Arctic to the Antarctic / Rolf Bjelke & Deborah Shapiro. Bjelke, Rolf. New York : C.N. Potter : Distributed by Crown Publishers, c1986.
  48. Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait, to co-operate with the Polar expeditions : performed in His Majesty's Ship Blossom, under the command of Captain F.W. Beechey, R.N. ... in the years 1825,26,27,28. ... Beechey, Frederick William, 1796-1856. Philadelphia : Carey & Lea, 1832.
  49. Time on ice : a winter voyage to Antarctica / Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke. Shapiro, Deborah, 1951- Shrewsbury : Waterline, 1997.
  50. Below the convergence : voyages toward Antarctica, 1699-1839 / Alan Gurney. Gurney, Alan. New York, N.Y. : Penguin Books, 1998, c1997.
  51. Captain Francis Crozier : last man standing? / Michael Smith. Smith, Michael, 1946- Cork : Collins, 2006.
  52. Charlie's charts of Polynesia : the South Pacific, east of 165W??. longitude / by Charles E. Wood [revised by Margo Wood edited by Christie Gorsline]. Wood, Charles E., 1928- Surrey, B.C. : Charlie's Charts, c2005.
  53. Islands / H.W. Menard. Menard, Henry W. (Henry William), 1920-1986. New York : Scientific American Library : Distributed by W.H. Freeman, c1986.
  54. Expedition to Pitcairn / written and photographed by John E. Randall. Randall, John E. Menlo Park, Calif., Oceans Magazine Co. 1973.
  55. The ocean almanac / Robert Hendrickson. Hendrickson, Robert, 1933- Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1984.
  56. The Norton book of the sea / edited by John O. Coote introduction by Hammond Innes. v.2 New York : Norton, c1989-1993.
  57. Jacques-Antoine Moerenhout (1797-1879) : ethnologue et consul / Paul de Deckker. Deckker, Paul de. [Tahiti] : Au vent des ??les, 1997.
  58. Race mixture. Shapiro, Harry L. (Harry Lionel), 1902-1990. Paris, UNESCO [1953]
  59. Early man and the ocean : a search for the beginnings of navigation and seaborne civilizations / Thor Heyerdahl. Heyerdahl, Thor. Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1979.
  60. Pitcairn tapa : ?Čahu no hitiaurevareva / Pauline Reynolds. Reynolds, Pauline. [Huahine, French Polynesia] : ?ČAna?Čana Pub., c2008.
  61. Peoples & problems of the Pacific / by J. Macmillan Brown. Brown, J. Macmillan (John Macmillan), 1846-1935. v.1 v.2 New York : J.H. Sears, [1927?]
  62. Anatomy of paradise: Hawaii and the islands of the South Seas. Issued in cooperation with the American Institute of Pacific Relations. Furnas, J. C. (Joseph Chamberlain), 1905- New York, W. Sloane Associates [1948]
  63. The Pacific muse : exotic femininity and the colonial Pacific / Patty O'Brien. O'Brien, Patty. Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2006.
  64. Exotic stories of the Pacific / by Glen Wright [illustrations by Keith Christensen]. Wright, Glen. [S.l.] : G. Wright, [198-?]
  65. The geology of Pitcairn Island, South Pacific Ocean [by] R. M. Carter. Carter, R. M. Honolulu, Bishop Museum Press, 1967.
  66. Descendants of the mutineers of the Bounty / by Harry L. Shapiro. Shapiro, Harry L. (Harry Lionel), 1902-1990. Honolulu, Hawaii : The Museum, 1929.
  67. Cryptorrhynchinae of Henderson, Pitcairn, and Mangareva Islands (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) / by Elwood C. Zimmerman. Zimmerman, Elwood Curtin, 1912- Honolulu : The Museum, 1936.
  68. Memoirs of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History. v.11 Millwood, N.Y. : Kraus Reprint.
  69. An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean : with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language / compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr. William Mariner, several years resident of those islands, by John Martin. Mariner, William, 1791-1853. v.1 [S.l..] : Elibron Classics, 2005.
  70. Rock engravings and stone implements of Pitcairn Station, north-eastern South Australia / Robert Edwards. Edwards, Robert, 1930- Adelaide : Govt. Printer, 1964.
  71. On the road of the winds : an archaeological history of the Pacific islands before European contact / Patrick Vinton Kirch. Kirch, Patrick Vinton. Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, c2000.
  72. Prehistory in the Pacific islands : a study of variation in language, customs, and human biology / John Terrell. Terrell, John. Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] New York : Cambridge University Press, 1986.
  73. The prehistoric archaeology of Norfolk Island, southwest Pacific / edited by Atholl Anderson and Peter White. Sydney, NSW, Australia : Australian Museum, c2001.
  74. Among stone giants : the life of Katherine Routledge and her remarkable expedition to Easter Island / Jo Anne Van Tilburg foreword by Andrew Tatham. Van Tilburg, JoAnne. New York : Scribner, c2003.
  75. The prehistoric archaeology of Norfolk Island / Jim Specht. Specht, Jim, 1940- Honolulu, Hawaii : Dept. of Anthropology, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, c1984.
  76. Islands: their lives, legends, and lore [by] Seon and Robert Manley. Manley, Seon. Philadelphia, Chilton Book Co. [1970]
  77. Seafaring lore & legend : a miscellany of maritime myth, superstition, fable, and fact / Peter D. Jeans. Jeans, Peter D. Camden, Me. : International Marine/McGraw-Hill, c2004.
  78. "Soderhavskarlek. English;""Love in the South Seas translated by F.H. Lyon.""" Danielsson, Bengt. New York, Dell Pub. Co. [1956]
  79. La cuisine des r??volt??s du Bounty / Eric Deschamps. Deschamps, Eric. Paris : Harmattan, 2007.
  80. Voyages round the world, from the death of Captain Cook to the present time: including remarks on the social condition of the inhabitants ... their progress in the arts and ... their advancement in religious knowledge / [by Andrew Kippis.]. Voyages. London, 1852.
  81. Book review for A narrative of the Briton's voyage to Pitcairn's Island by Lieutenant Shillibeer, R.N.
  82. Logbook for Helen / by Tom Watson. Watson, Tom. New York : T. Watson, 1976.
  83. Landfalls of paradise : the guide to Pacific Islands / by Earl R. Hinz. Hinz, Earl R. Ventura, Calif. : Western Marine Enterprises, 1979.
  84. The restless wind. Hamilton, A. G. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 1961.
  85. Norfolk Island government gazette. Norfolk Island. no.18-19 [Norfolk Island] : Norfolk Island Government Gazette, 1957-
  86. Bounteous bestowal : the economic history of Norfolk Island / M.L. Treadgold. Treadgold, M. L. Canberra : National Centre for Development Studies, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1988.
  87. The floating brothel : the extraordinary true story of the Lady Julian and its cargo of female convicts bound for Botany Bay / Sian Rees. Rees, Sian. Sydney : Hodder Headline, 2001.
  88. Ships employed in the South Seas trade, 1775-1861 (parts I and II) and Registrar general of shipping and seamen transcripts of registers of shipping, 1787-1862 (part III) / by A.G.E. Jones. Jones, A. G. E. Canberra : Roebuck Book, 1986.
  89. Hawaiian interisland vessels and Hawaiian registered vessels / compiled by Mifflin Thomas. Thomas, Mifflin. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Seacoast Press, 1982.
  90. Clipper ships and captains, by the editors of American heritage. Author: Jane D. Lyon. Consultant: Carl C. Cutler. Lyon, Jane D. New York, American Heritage Pub. Co.: book trade distribution by Meredith Press, c1962.
  91. Pitcairn Island Stamp Album. Silverman, David. Los Angeles, Voice of Prophecy, 1980.
  92. Stamps and ships. Watson, James, 1916- London, Faber and Faber [1959]
  93. The story behind the stamp : Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island (Indian Ocean), Australian Antar[c]tic Territory, Norfolk Island decimal stamps : complete issues to 1980 / James Bentley. Bentley, James. Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia : R. Brown, c1979.
  94. The Pitcairn Islands stamp catalogue : the stamps,postal history,postal stationery,postal markings etc. / compiled by Bill Hornadge. Hornadge, Bill. Dubbo, N.S.W. : Review Publications, 1976.
  95. The Pitcairn Islands stamp catalogue : / compiled by Bill Hornadge. Hornadge, Bill. Dubbo, N.S.W. : Review Publications, 1981.
  96. Pitcairn Islands : stamps and postal history / F.W. Foxwell. Foxwell, F. W. Taunton, Somerset : F. W. Foxwell Brooklyn, NY : digitized and reprinted by Edward Madison 2003
  97. Philatelic Bounty : the story of the mutiny on the Bounty, the finding of Pitcairn Island and the life of the mutineers and their descendants since, as told on postage stamps / compiled by Denis Weaver. Weaver, Denis Dover : The Compiler 2001.
  98. Pitcairn Island postal markings / by C. Kitching. Kitching, C. Cincinnati, OH : Pitcairn Islands Study Group, 1985.
  99. Pitcairn Islands postal markings, 1883-1991 / by Cy Kitching. Kitching, Cy. Gwynedd, UK : Pitcairn Islands Study Group, 1992 (Greenville, ME : Moosehead Graphics [printer])
  100. Pitcairn Islands postal markings, 1883-2003 / by Cy Kitching. Kitching, Cy. Greenville, ME: Moosehead Communications, 2004.

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