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Books & Historical Papers in the Study Center

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Because of the all but irreplacable nature of these books and papers, they are not available for loan. However, copying is available by the Study Center at twenty five cents per page. All requests should be made to:

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  1. Encyclopedia of exploration, 1850 to 1940 : the oceans, islands and polar regions / Raymond John Howgego. Howgego, Raymond John, 1946- Potts Point, N.S.W. : Hordern House, 2006.
  2. Voyages : to the new world and beyond / Gordon Miller. Miller, Gordon. Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2011.
  3. Opening the oceans / Olaf Ruhen. Ruhen, Olaf. Sydney : Nautical Press, [198-?]
  4. Great voyages and great navigators / Jules Verne. Verne, Jules, 1828-1905. New York : George Munro, [19--?]
  5. Insular Toponymies : pristine place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia / Joshua Nash. Nash, Joshua. 2011
  6. Tales about the sea : and the islands in the Pacific Ocean / by Peter Parley embellished with engravings. Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860. London : T. Tegg, 1841.
  7. Carteret's voyage round the world, 1766-1769. Edited by Helen Wallis. Carteret, Philip, d. 1796. v.1 v.2 Cambridge [Eng.] Published for the Hakluyt Society at the University Press, 1965.
  8. Reise um die Welt : Esq. Befehlshabern der englischen Schaluppe Swallow, in den Jahren 1766, 1767, 1768 und 1769 / von Philipp Carteret [John Hawkesworth]. Hawkesworth, John (1715-1773). Troppau : Trassler, [1785]
  9. A collection of voyages and travels from the discovery of America to commencement of the nineteenth century. Mavor, William Fordyce, 1758-1837. v.13 London, R. Phillips & Co., 1810.
  10. To the Pacific and Arctic with Beechey the journal of Lieutenant George Peard of H.M.S. Blossom, 1825-1828. Edited by Barry M. Gough. Peard, George, 1783-1837. Cambridge, Published for the Hakluyt Society at the University Press, 1973.
  11. The explorers of the Pacific / Geoffrey Badger. Badger, Geoffrey. Kenthurst [Australia?] : Kangaroo Press, 1988.
  12. Encyclopedia of exploration, 1850 to 1940 : continental exploration / Raymond John Howgego. Howgego, Raymond John, 1946- Potts Point, N.S.W. : Hordern House, 2008
  13. The life of Captain James Cook. Beaglehole, J. C. (John Cawte) Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press [1974]
  14. Voyages to paradise : exploring in the wake of Captain Cook / by William R. Gray photographed by Gordon W. Gahan prepared by the Special Publications Division, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. Gray, William R., 1946- Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society, c1981.
  15. The last voyage of Captain James Cook / Richard Hough. Hough, Richard Alexander, 1922- New York : Morrow, 1979.
  16. The murder of Captain James Cook / [by] Richard Hough. Hough, Richard Alexander, 1922- London : Macmillan, 1979.
  17. The death of Captain Cook / Gavin Kennedy. Kennedy, Gavin. London : Duckworth, 1978.
  18. The fatal impact an account of the invasion of the South Pacific, 1767-1840. Moorehead, Alan, 1910-1983. New York, Harper & Row [1966]
  19. The fatal impact : the invasion of the South Pacific, 1767-1840 / Alan Moorehead. Moorehead, Alan, 1910-1983. New York : Harper & Row, 1987.
  20. The three voyages of Captain Cook. Paluka, Frank. [Pittsburgh] Beta Phi Mu, 1974.
  21. The voyages of Captain Cook [by] Rex and Thea Rienits. Rienits, Rex. London, New York [etc.] Hamlyn, 1968.
  22. Captain James Cook [by] Alan Villiers. Villiers, Alan, 1903-1982. New York, Scribner [1967]
  23. Away to sea : life in Blue Star and Golden Line / by A. W. Kinghorn. Kinghorn, A. W., 1933- Abergavenny : P.M.Heaton Publishing, 1996.
  24. Captain Cook's voyages of discovery / [edited by John Barrow] Cook, James, 1728-1779. London : J.M. Dent, 1906.
  25. Blue latitudes : boldly going where Captain Cook has gone before / Tony Horwitz. Horwitz, Tony, 1958- New York : H. Holt, 2002.
  26. Journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific Ocean / by John Rickman. Rickman, John. [New York] : Readex Microprint [1974?] c1966.
  27. A journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific Ocean and in quest of a North-west passage between Asia and America, performed in the years 1776, 1777, 1778, and 1779. Ledyard, John, 1751-1789. Chicago, Quadrangle Books [1963]
  28. Voyage of the Endeavour : Captain Cook and the discovery of the Pacific / Alan Frost. Frost, Alan, 1943- St. Leonards, NSW, Australia : Allen & Unwin, 1998.
  29. "Narrative of voyages and travels in the Northern and Southern hemispheres;""Delano's voyages of commerce and discovery : Amasa Delano in China the Pacific Islands?" Delano, Amasa, 1763-1823. Stockbridge, Mass. : Berkshire House Publishers, c1994.
  30. Sailing to see picture cruise in the schooner Yankee, by Captain and Mrs. Irving Johnson. Johnson, Irving. New York, W. W. Norton & company [c1939]
  31. Yankee's people and places, by Irving and Electa Johnson and Lydia Edes. Johnson, Irving. New York, Norton [1955]
  32. "Puteshestvˇ®e vokrug sv‹?˙i‹?­eta. English. 1967;""A new voyage round the world in the years 1823-1826.""" Kotzebue, Otto von, 1787-1846. v.1 v.2 Amsterdam, N. Israel New York, Da Capo [1967]
  33. From Hudson Bay to Botany Bay : the lost frigates of Lap??rouse / Russell C. Shelton preface by Robin Inglis foreword by Maurice de Brossard. Shelton, Russell C. Toronto : NC Press, 1987.
  34. "Voyage round the world;""A voyage round the world in the years MDCCXL" Anson, George Anson, Baron, 1697-1762. London, New York, Oxford University Press, 1974.
  35. White wings around the world, by Donald M. Green, as told to Jessie L. Beattie. Green, Donald Mackenzie. Toronto, Ryerson Press [1953]
  36. Sailing three oceans : building and sailing schooner Appledore / by Herbert and Doris Smith. Smith, Herbert, 1941- Camden, ME : Down East Books, c1988.
  37. Narrative of voyages and travels, in the northern and southern hemispheres: comprising three voyages round the world together with a voyage of survey and discovery, in the Pacific Ocean and oriental islands. Delano, Amasa, 1763-1823. New York, Praeger Publishers [1970]
  38. Voyage of H. M. S. Pandora despatched to arrest the mutineers of the Bounty in the South Seas, 1790-91 being the narratives of Captain Edward Edwards, R. N., the commander, and George Hamilton, the surgeon, with introduction and notes by Bas. Edwards, Edward, Captain R. N. London, F. Edwards, 1915.
  39. "Voyages round the world;""Voyages & discoveries in the South Seas 1792-1832 / Edmund Fanning.""" Fanning, Edmund, 1769-1841. New York : Dover, 1989.
  40. A voyage round the world in His Majesty's frigate Pandora / by George Hamilton first printed in 1793, reissued with a foreword by Alex Allen and an essay by Peter Gesner. Hamilton, George, fl. 1789-1790. Potts Point, N.S.W. : Hordern House, 1998.
  41. Westward bound in the schooner Yankee, by Captain and Mrs. Irving Johnson with drawings by Roland Wentzel. Johnson, Irving. New York, W. W. Norton [1936]
  42. Fair wind and plenty of it : a modern-day tall ship adventure / Rigel Crockett. Crockett, Rigel. Emmaus, Pa. : Rodale, c2005.
  43. A speck on the sea : epic voyages in the most improbable vessels / William H. Longyard. Longyard, William H. Camden, Me. : International Marine/McGraw-Hill, c2003.
  44. Pandora's last voyage. Rawson, Geoffrey. [London] Longmans [1963]
  45. Window on the world. Rothschild, Edmund de, 1916-2009. London, P. Davies, [1949]
  46. Book review for A voyage round the world in the years 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, and 1804, in which the author visited the principal islands in the Pacific Ocean, and the English settlements of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, by John Turnbull.
  47. "Observations and remarks made during a voyage;""Observations and remarks made during a voyage to the Islands of Teneriffe?.." Mortimer, George. Amsterdam : N. Israel New York : Da Capo, 1975.
  48. Stories of voyages, being authentic narratives of the most celebrated voyages from Columbus to Parry, with accounts of remarkable shipwrecks and naval adventures. Dayton [Ohio?] Ells, Claflin, 1848.
  49. Round the world : and other stories. London : Groombridge, [1871]
  50. Dust and foam or, Three oceans and two continents being ten years' wanderings in Mexico, South America, Sandwich Islands, the East and West Indies, China, Philippines, Australia and Polynesia. Warren, T. Robinson (Thomas Robinson), 1828-1915. New York, Scribner [c1858]
  51. A travers le monde [par] Stany [pseud.] Chateleux, Roger de, 1878- Paris, La Table ronde [1954]
  52. As I recall it / by Patricia Sanders. Sanders, Patricia, 1915- Nedlands, W.A. : P. Sanders, c1999 (West Perth, W.A. : Rawlhouse Pub.)
  53. The teatime islands : journeys to Britain's faraway outposts / Ben Fogle. Fogle, Ben, 1973- London : Michael Joseph, 2003.
  54. Unpackaged tours : world travels off the beaten track / Edwin Morrisby. Morrisby, Ted. New York : Taplinger Pub. Co., 1988.
  55. The most traveled man on Earth / Llewellyn Morgan Toulmin. Toulmin, Llewellyn. Silver Spring, Md. : The Village Press, 2006
  56. Islands of adventure, by Karl Baarslag illustrated with photographs and charts. Baarslag, Karl H. W. (Karl Herman William), 1900-1984. New York, Toronto, Farrar & Rinehart, inc. [c1940]
  57. A narrative of the Briton's voyage, to Pitcairn's Island : including an interesting sketch of the present state of the Brazils and of Spanish South America / by Lieut. J. Shillibeer, R.M. illustrated with sixteen etchings by the author, from dr. Shillibeer, J. (John) London : Printed for Law and Whittaker, 1817.
  58. A narrative of the Briton's voyage, to Pitcairn's Island / by J. Shillibeer ... illustrated with eighteen etchings by the author from drawings on the spot. Shillibeer, John. Taunton : Printed for the author by J.W. Marriott London : Law and Whittaker ..., 1817.
  59. A narrative of the Briton's voyage to Pitcairn's Island : including an interesting sketch of the present state of the Brazils and of Spanish South America / by J. Shillibeer. Shillibeer, John. London : Law and Whittaker, 1818.
  60. Pacific passage / by Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Watson, Thomas J., 1914-1993. Mystic, CT : Mystic Seaport Museum, c1993.
  61. Sixteen times round Cape Horn : the reminiscences of Captain Isaac Norris Hibberd / with a foreword by Frederick H. Hibberd. Hibberd, Isaac Norris, 1862-1934. Mystic, Conn. : Mystic Seaport Museum, 1980.
  62. Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's strait : to co-operate with the polar expeditions: performed in His Majesty's ship Blossom, under the command of Captain F. W. Beechey ... in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28 ... Beechey, Frederick William, 1796-1856. v.1 London : H. Colburn and R. Bentley, 1831.
  63. Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's strait. [By] Frederick W. Beechey. Beechey, Frederick William, 1796-1856. v.1 v.2 Amsterdam, N. Israel New York, Da Capo Press [1969]
  64. Isles of romance and mystery. Cooper, Gordon (Charles Gordon Towers) London, Lutterworth Press [1949]
  65. Islands lost in time / prepared by the Book Division, National Geographic Society. Washington, D.C. : The Society, c1997.
  66. Inselschicksale versprengte Menschen und Kulturen in den Weltmeeren. Lorenz, E. G. Erich (Ernst Georg Erich), 1890-1959. Stuttgart, Kosmos [c1934]
  67. "Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln. English;""Atlas of remote islands : fifty islands I have never set foot on and never will / Judith Schalansky.""" Schalansky, Judith, 1980- New York : Penguin Books, 2010.
  68. The book of adventure and peril : a record of heroism and endurance on sea and land / compiled and edited by Charles Bruce illustrated. Bruce, Charles. Edinburgh : W.P. Nimmo & Co., 1880.
  69. Seamen all, by E. Keble Chatterton. Chatterton, E. Keble (Edward Keble), 1878-1944. Boston, Little, Brown and company, 1924.
  70. Cast away : lost and found in history : epic true stories of shipwreck, piracy and mutiny on the high seas / Joseph Cummins. Cummins, Joseph. Millers Point, N.S.W. London : Pier 9, 2008.
  71. A flood of mutiny. Dyall, Valentine. London, Hutchinson [1957]
  72. The mariner's chronicle: containing narratives of the most remarkable disasters at sea, such as shipwrecks, storms, fires, and famines: also naval engagements, piratical adventures, incidents of discovery, and other extraordinary and interesting occurrences. Stereotyped by A. Chandler. New Haven, Durrie and Peck, 1834.
  73. Mutiny! Being accounts of insurrections, famous and infamous, on land and sea, from the days of the Caesars to modern times. Fuller, Edmund, 1914- New York, Crown Publishers [1953]
  74. Great true tales of human endurance, selected and edited by Pamela Search. London, Arco Publishers [1957]
  75. Stories of the sea told by sailors / by E.E. Hale. Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909. Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1888, c1880.
  76. Life and death on the ocean: a collection of extraordinary adventures... By Henry Howe... Howe, Henry, 1816-1893. Cincinnati, H. Howe, 1856.
  77. The book of shipwrecks / Kenneth Hudson and Ann Nicholls. Hudson, Kenneth. London : Macmillan, 1979.
  78. Deep sea stories from the Thermopylae Club. Tales of old-time deep-sea ships and fresh water craft, told by the sailors who manned these vessels, with short biographies of the story-tellers. Jupp, Ursula. Victoria, B.C. [1971]
  79. Desperate journeys, abandoned souls : true stories of castaways and other survivors / Edward E. Leslie foreword by Sterling Seagrave. Leslie, Edward E. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 1988.
  80. Ruffians' hall, by Philip Lindsay. Lindsay, Philip, 1906- London, D. Harmsworth [1931]
  81. Stories of famous mutinies [by] T.H. McGuffie. McGuffie, T. H. (Tom Henderson) London, Barker [1966]
  82. Famous voyages in small boats. Illustrated by Paul Berkow. Merrett, John. New York, Criterion Books [1957]
  83. Beyond horizons sea adventure in the age of discovery. Mitchell, Carleton, 1910-2007. London, W. Kimber [1953]
  84. Beyond horizons voyages of adventure and discovery. Illus. by W. N. Wilson. Mitchell, Carleton, 1910-2007. New York, Norton [c1953]
  85. Adventures of British seamen in the southern ocean, displaying the striking contrasts which the human character exhibits in an uncivilized state. Murray, Hugh, 1779-1846. Edinburgh, Printed for Constable and Co., 1827.
  86. The mutiny of the Bounty and other sea stories. New York, The Book League of America, 1939.
  87. The Mutiny of the Bounty: and other narratives. London: W. & R. Chambers, 1888.
  88. Ocean scenes, or, The perils and beauties of the deep : being interesting, instructive and graphic accounts of the most popular voyages on record, remarkable shipwrecks, hair-breadth escapes, naval adventures, the whale fishery, etc., etc. New York : Leavitt & Allen, 1847.
  89. 100 great adventures / edited by John Canning. Feltham, Middlesex : Published for Odhams Books by the Hamlyn Pub. Group, c1969.
  90. Lost ships and lonely seas / by Ralph D. Paine. Paine, Ralph Delahaye, 1871-1925. Garden City, N.Y. : Garden City Pub. Co., 1942.
  91. Perils and adventures on the deep : a series of interesting narratives of naval adventure and suffering. Edinburgh, T. Nelson, 1843.
  92. Adventures on the high seas true sea stories from Captain Bligh to the Nautilus. Reeman, Douglas. New York, Walker [1971]
  93. The Pacific, by Stanley Rogers illustrated by the author. Rogers, Stanley Reginald Harry, 1887- New York, Thomas Y Crowell Co. [1931]
  94. Shipwrecks and disasters at sea : containing tales of heroism, suffering, piratical, and other deeds. London : William Nicholson and Sons, n.d.
  95. Castaway in paradise : the incredible adventures of true-life Robinson Crusoes / James C. Simmons. Simmons, James C. Dobbs Ferry, NY : Sheridan House, c1993.
  96. Amazing sea stories never told before illustrated with photos. and drawings. Snow, Edward Rowe. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1954.
  97. Great sea rescues and tales of survival. Snow, Edward Rowe. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1958.
  98. Life under sail, being a compilation of the adventures, horrors, hardships, delights, and recreations, collected and annotated. Foreword by Edouard A. Stackpole. Snyder, Frank V. New York, Macmillan [1964]
  99. "Narrative of the sufferings and adventures of Capt. Charles H. Barnard;""Marooned : being a narrative of the sufferings and adventures of Captain Charles H. Barnard?" Barnard, Charles H. Middletown, Ct. : Wesleyan University Press, 1979.
  100. The last voyage of the Independence : the story of a shipwreck and south sea sketches, 1833-1836 / by Milo Calkin. Calkin, Milo, 1810-1872. San Francisco, Calif. : Weiss Printing Co., 1953.

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