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Heritage Room Hours:
Mon. - Thurs.: 8 am - 5 pm
Fri.: 8 am - 2 pm
Sat. & Sun.: Closed

List of Collections & Sources

  • Official college publications, such as bulletins and old Funnybook issues.  These make it possible for you to look up old classmates later on or try to remember what actually happened at some church service a few years ago.

  • Vertical files of pamphlets, clippings, articles, and papers.  This is a collection of those seemingly random pieces of paper that turn out to be important in the end.  This is where you find those snippets you thought had been lost forever.
  • Ellen G. White Biography File.  This is a comprehensive, almost day-by-day breakdown of the life of Ellen G. White. 
  • Ellen G. White Estate Question and Answer File and Index.  This is actually way cooler than it sounds.  Because so many people wrote to the White Estate asking the same questions, the White Estate compiled a file of answers.  It’s like a FAQs site on Ellen White.  One of the questions is “What did she have to say about bankruptcy?”   There’s a wide variety, and it’s very useful if you’ve ever wondered what she said on any subject.
  • Pictures, photographs, post cards, and slides of historic interest.  This includes pictures of Old Irwin Hall (before it became the aesthetically unpleasing mess it is today) and a lot of old-fashioned glass slides of some countries in Europe that look 3D when you hold them in the light.
  • Miscellaneous museum items relating to the history of the college and the Seventh-day Adventist church.  Yup, we have a piece of Ascension Rock, where the Millerites waited all day for Christ to come . . . and were disappointed.  And other sundry items.
  • Books and pamphlets by and about Seventh-day Adventists.   We have everything from Light Bearers to the Remnant to Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories.
  • Books and pamphlets by Adventist off-shoots (such as the Reform Seventh-day Adventist Church) and works critical of Seventh-day Adventists.  This includes Dudley Canright’s famous dissenting work, The Truth about Seventh-day Adventists.
  • Books and pamphlets by and about Millerite Adventists.  These were the disappointed people who later formed the SDA church after the aforementioned incident at Ascension Rock.
  • Seventh-day Adventist college and university catalogs.  If you forgot the name of a professor you had in class or even the name of the class you took, this is where you can look it up.
  • Conference directories.  This is how you find the contact information for a church you lost contact with, or a pastor you befriended, or even look up the nearest church to where you live.
  • Shelf documents available from the Ellen G. White Estate.  This is a filing cabinet full of yet MORE information on church founder Ellen G. White, on topics ranging from her take on inspiration to church cases of the time.
  • Bibliographies on various aspects of SDA/Millerite history and theology.  These were largely composed by Gary Shearer, and many can be accessed online.  A number of them still exist only in paper.  They are lists of books and resources on SDA topics, and very useful, as they give the call numbers of these resources so that you can actually find them.
  • Cassette tapes of special talks, lectures, or sermons.  These include interviews with professors who taught here decades ago.  We are in the process of transferring some of these to CD.
  • The published Ellen G. White Writings on CD.  These are nice and easy to navigate.
  • University Microfilms Millerite and Early SDA Collection.  There are 60 reels of microfilm containing more than 1,000 early books, pamphlets, periodicals and more than 1,000 letters from William Miller, Joshua Himes and other Millerite leaders.  Microfilm is an old-fashioned way of storing large amounts of information on reels of thin plastic.  It gets read through a machine, which magnifies the compressed image so that you can actually see it.
  • Approximately 5,000 microfiche of SDA periodicals.  Microfiche are sort of like microfilms, except that they’re flat, not stored in reels.  SDA periodicals include the Adventist Review and various others.
  • Several indexes to SDA periodicals.  These are handy for finding articles on a given topic in SDA publications.
  • SDA textbook collection.  Remember any of your elementary reading or Bible textbooks with fondness?  This is where you find those.
  • Doctoral dissertations dealing primarily with Millerite/SDA history, theology, and Ellen White.  You might even find something written by one of your teachers here.
  • A nearly complete collection of all of Ellen G. White’s printed works, past and present, including all reprints appearing in the EGW Writings on Compact Disc.  If she wrote it and it was printed, we have it.
  • A basic collection of secondary works dealing with the life, thought and culture of mid-nineteenth century America.  This is to give context to the times and culture of the beginnings of the Adventist church.
  • An extensive bibliography of materials about Ellen G. White. 
  • A Collection of 177 currently received periodicals and 122 non-current titles.  That’s a lot of magazines.
  • Alumni authors collection.  We are proud of the work produced by alumni, and this is where we show it.
  • Manuscript releases from the White Estate.  These are manuscripts that were not originally intended for publishing.  These can be found at call number BX 6146 .M29 or in the filing cabinet devoted to this purpose.
  • Obituary File of Prominent SDA Workers, 1850-1959. (All bound obituaries start with the call number BX 6143 .A1 O2).  Ever wonder what people said about Joseph Bates right after he died? This is where you look it up.
  • Comprehensive Index to the Letters and Manuscripts of Ellen G. White.  This is how you find things in Ellen White’s writings if you don’t remember where the reference you wanted was.  Especially handy in the case of those unmemorable Testimonies volume numbers.
  • A collection of books dealing with the Sabbath/Sunday issue.
  • Numerous doctoral dissertations dealing with various aspects of Seventh-day Adventist education.  These represent Adventist thought towards the very schools you have attended.