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Who Are the Pitcairners?


ADAMS, Augusta Ross --> ADAMS, William Ward Dillon

This is a work in progress. If you have information that adds to or changes an entry, you are invited to contact Herbert Ford at

Adams, Augusta Ross, Augusta Ross Adams was born on January 27, 1853, on Pitcairn Island. She was the daughter of Jonathan Adams and Phoebe Quintal. She married George Henry Parkin Christian, son of Isaac Christian and Miriam Young, on March 3, 1874, on Norfolk Island. She died on August 21, 1899, at age 64, on Norfolk Island. Augusta usually went by her middle name of Ross. From March 3, 1874, her married name became Christian. The children of Augusta and George Christian were George Grisley F. Christian, Albert Victor Alexander Christian, Eunice Clarice Christian, Miriam Christian, Howland Christian, Mary Dorman Christian, Lucinda Christian and James Sherman Christian.

Adams, Caroline Augusta, Snell. Caroline Augusta Adams was born on Pitcairn Island on January 5, 1855. She was the daughter of John Adams, who was born on Pitcairn Island on November 10, 1827, and Caroline Quintal, who was born on Pitcairn on July 21, 1827. Caroline Augusta died on Pitcairn Island on April 21, 1855.