Requesting Materials for Purchase

Requesting Materials for Purchase

Contact information for Plerm Sample in the Acquisitions Department: or 965-6638.

How to Order

Submit purchase requests to the Acquisitions Department in one of the following ways:

  • Complete the ONLINE FORM for an individual title
  • Send through intercampus mail a marked publisher's catalog, photocopied reviews, or printed list from an online resource
  • Email a prepared list directly
  • Create a wish list in Books in Print or  Amazon and email the link

Each request should include: title, author, ISBN, format, year, price, and your name.

It is suggested that the department coordinator submit the requests for everyone in the department in order to keep within the budget.

Please keep an independent list of all titles requested, either by department or by each faculty member.

Books will arrive about 6 weeks after they are ordered. Please specify any rush orders. To check the status of an order, use the library catalog or contact the Acquisitions Department.

Selection Tools

The database Books in Print is available to help you located and select books for your department. This resource includes in-print, out-of-print, and forthcoming books, audios, and videos.  it includes full-text reviews and author biographies.  Titles can be saved to a list.  This is the best source for accurate ordering information.

The library subscribes to Choice. This journal is for academic libraries and consists entirely of book and media reviews for all disciplines. The print edition is available in the library or can be accessed online through the ProQuest Research Library database. An automated alert can be set up for reviews that are published in your discipline. Please check with a librarian if you would like advice on using this resource.

If your department needs assistance in selecting materials, online or print, please contact your department's liaison librarian.

Assigned Budget

Each department is given a share of the library materials budget for ordering library books and media. Any additional expenses such as shipping or tax are covered by the library. Each department should have a designated coordinator for the ordering and to monitor the budget.

The budget needs to be spent by the end of February to allow time for the purchases to be invoiced before the end of the fiscal year. Rush and "must-have" items can be ordered at any time, above and beyond the allotted budget.

Budget reports and updated figures for spending and ordering can be obtained by contacting the Acquisitions Department.


The library reserves the right to decline an order request. The department will be notified if there are any changes to the original order.

Textbooks are not purchased for the library collection.

Refer to the Library Collection Development Policy for general guidelines on selecting materials.