Course Reserves & Using Canvas

Course Reserves

When you know there is going to be demand for particular library books or media we can put them on reserve. With the shorter loan period this will allow each student a chance to use the material.

If there is an online article or document for all your students to read, a link to the article can be embedded on your course page in Canvas.

Course Reserves in the Library


Please submit requests to have material put on reserve two weeks before the beginning of a quarter or at least 48 hours (not counting noon Friday through Sunday) before making the material a required part of an assignment. 

Download the RESERVE REQUEST FORM (a fillable PDF) when placing material on reserve and return via email or in person. If you are supplying the material, the form should accompany the material to the library.

The material will be taken off reserve at the time stated on the reserve request form.

We can put your personal materials on reserve. Each item will be marked with a barcode and a spine label. We prefer to use library copies whenever possible, so we encourage you to ORDER anything you wish to have on reserve when it is not owned by the library.

When you are ordering material for the library that you intend to have put on reserve, please notify the Circulation Supervisor as well as the Acquisitions Department so that it will be processed properly. You shouldn't plan to have a new item put on reserve soon after it has been ordered. We can't guarantee how long it will take material to arrive and be processed, even with rush requests.

It is not necessary to put materials on reserve for purposes of security. Reserves are only necessary when material needs to be used as required reading by lots of students.

Choose one of the three time periods available for reserve material:

HOUR: One, two, or four hour.
ONE DAY: This includes whatever time is left of the day on which it is checked out and all of the next day.
THREE DAY: This includes whatever time is left of the day on which it is checked out and the next three days.

If you have any questions, please check with the Circulation Supervisor at the front desk in the library or call 965-6241.