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1906 - 1908



In 1906, Lucas A. Reed, a midwestern dentist who had been serving as dean of men at Healdsburg College, assumed the presidency of the school. Financial woes continued to plague the institution, and that meant each teacher had to carry a heavier load of teaching and other duties. President Reed himself taught eight classes in history, Bible, science and art, the last in his home in the evenings!

The school year 1906-07, saw a reversal of earlier financial misfortune, with donations exceeding operating losses; however, the following year saw a return of the financial downturn of earlier years.

The year 1906, brought a change of the college’s name to Pacific Union College. In 1907, in a search for financial stability, some of the college buildings were sold, a number of them having housed failed college industries.

A decision was taken in 1908, to relocate the college “in the country” for a worker’s training school. The last college activity of that school year was a teacher’s institute. Then Pacific Union College-at-Healdsburg closed its doors forever, and with its closing came the end of Lucas Reed’s service as college president.