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1955 - 1963



Dr. Ray W. Fowler, who was elected president of Pacific Union College in 1955, brought to his responsibility an approachable personality, good humor, and a willingness to give a hearing to both student and faculty viewpoints.

President Fowler's PUC leadership years were marked by significant advances, not the least of which was growth in student enrollment. For the first time, in the late 1950s, enrollment topped 1,000 students and continued adding about 100 to that total for several years thereafter. By 1960, as word of P.U.C.'s excellent education program spread, students came to Howell Mountain from 21 different countries in addition to the United States..

During President Fowler's tenure, the college celebrated 50 years of education on the Angwin campus. A new library, whose name honored former President William E. Nelson, was opened to student use. Research grew on the campus, highlighted by the installation of a Nuclear Science Laboratory and other science facilities made possible by National Institutes of Science and other grants.

Pacific Union College prospered under President Fowler's leadership, and it was with some regret that both faculty and students in 1963 saw him accept leadership responsibilities at his alma mater, Union College.