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Pitcairn Island Virtual Shopping Mall

Another source of Pitcairn items is Paul Lareau's Pitcairn Island Virtual Shopping Mall. The Pitcairn Islands Study Center receives no funds from any orders placed, and takes no responsibility of any kind for purchases that may be made.

  • Hand-crafted miro-wood carvings and exceptional basketry are among the unique gift items that are offered by Paul Lareau's Pitcairn Island Virtual Shopping Mall.

  • Are you a stamp collector? Pitcairn is a favorite specialization for hundreds of philatelists world-wide.

  • In addition to Pitcairn-produced items, there are many Pitcairn and HMS Bounty-related products available from all over the world, including books, videos, music, and t-shirts.

  • The Mall also features cruises and sailing expeditions that will allow you to visit Pitcairn yourself.