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Historic Papers Available

[Purchasing Information]

Be advised that all of the historic paper offerings are photocopied from documents which may not be easily readable. Although most words of each document are readable, do not expect original printing quality.

_____ 1. "Settlement of the Pitcairners on Norfolk Island," from the Journal of the Australian Historical Society, 1906. (12 pages). $12.00.

_____ 2. "William Bligh´s Escape" to New Holland," from the Annual Register (London), 1793. (2 pages). $4.00.

_____ 3. "Medical Report on Pitcairn Island," from August, 1935, Sydney University Medical Journal. (4 pages). $8.00.

_____ 4. "Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands," Sydney Quarterly, September 1892. (6 pages). $12.00.

_____ 5. Extract from Captain Henry King´s 1819 journal reporting on his call at Pitcairn in the ship Elizabeth. (9 pages). $10.00.

_____ 6. Account of ship Calypso´s 1848 call at Pitcairn, including the laws and regulations of Pitcairn at the time. (9 pages). $9.00

_____ 7. Transcripts of two letters of Mayhew Folger reporting on his finding of the mutineers on Pitcairn in 1808, and two letters of government official Manley Dixon reporting on Captain Staines calling at Pitcairn in 1814. (4 pages). $8.00.

_____ 8. Report on a "Visit to Pitcairn´s Island" by British official H.G. Pilling in 1929. (7 pages). $9.00.

_____ 9. "Mail Day on Pitcairn Island" by Pitcairn Postmaster Roy P. Clark. (2 pages) $4.00.

_____ 10. Portion of Log of HMS Surry, Capt. Thomas Raines, written by the ship´s doctor, giving account of Pitcairn call of April 1821. (7 pages). $9.00.

_____ 11. Complete population list of Pitcairn as of September 1855, as given by G.M.F. Young to Captain Fremantle. (3 pages). $6.00.

_____ 12. "King´s Regulations," March 21, 1938, containing rules for outsiders wishing to land at Pitcairn´s Island. (3 pages). $6.00.

_____ 13. Letter of September 20, 1855, from G.M.F. Young on Pitcairn to Captain Fremantle of H.M.S. Juno, thanking him for kindness to the Pitcairn people. (2 pages). $4.00.

_____ 14. An Early 1800s Account by James Wiles about Pappo, a Tahitian who served Captain Bligh, and Fletcher Christian when Christian returned to Tahiti after setting Bligh adrift from the Bounty. (2 pages). $4.00.

_____ 15. Bill of sale dated December 16, 1863, on Norfolk Island by Thursday October Christian selling 19 head of cattle to those staying on Norfolk when Christian was returning to Pitcairn. (1 page). $2.00.

_____ 16. Letter of July 10, 1847, from Pitcairn Magistrate Charles Christian, John Adams and Simon Young to Captain Charles Hope, R.N., describing visit of HMS Spy to Pitcairn and conditions on the island. (4 pages). $8.00.

_____ 17. Sunday at Home Magazine, 1854, recounting history of Pitcairn from its discovery through the mutiny on HMS Bounty to 1850. Four chapters. (14 pages). $15.00.

_____ 18. Chapter "Discovery of an English Colony on Pitcairn´s Island" from book "Tales About The Sea," London, 1837, by Peter Parley. (5 pages). $10.00.

_____ 19. Letter (1865) by Chaplain Holman of HMS Portland, sent via HMS Dido, encouraging Pitcairn people in their faith. (4 pages). $8.00.

_____ 20. "Report on Pitcairn Island" by A.C. MacDonald, FRGS, to Thirteenth Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Sydney in 1911. (2 pages). $4.00.

_____ 21. "20 Years' Residence on Pitcairn's Island" by John Buffett, from The Friend magazine, 1846, 6 installments, 13 pages, $15.00.

_____ 22. Copies of the Pitcairn Miscellany (island newspaper). (4 pages per issue). $4.00.

_____ 23. Pitcairn - Port of Call, a complete maritime history of every ship that has called at Pitcairn Island and the human interest story about many of the calls. $26.00 in the U.S. Check with for cost outside the U.S.

_____ 24. Songs of Pitcairn. Songs sung by Pitcairners and others of music that is dear to the heart of the islanders such as "The Ship of Fame." $12.00. (Not professionally recorded, but enthusiastic and full of Pitcairn spirit.)

_____ 25. Envelopes with Pitcairn stamps on them, postmarked on the Island. $2.00 each.

_____ 26. A set of 10 full-color Pitcairn picture postcards. These are official postcards printed through the Pitcairn Islands Administration. US$10.00 in the United States, including packing and postage. US$12.00 outside the U.S., including packing and postage.

Purchasing Information:

U.S. dollars, checks in U.S. dollars, and VISA, MasterCard or Discover credit cards accepted. Phone credit card orders to 707-965-6625, or 707-965-2047, FAX orders to 707-965-6504, or e-mail to Send checks to: Pitcairn Islands Study Center, Pacific Union College, 1 Angwin Avenue, Angwin, CA 94508 USA. For cost of shipment outside USA, contact