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Non-Print Holdings of the Study Center

"Fletcher Christian" from the 'Bounty Chronicles'

Fletcher Christian

From the 'Bounty Chronicles' (by John Hagan), 28 original oil paintings depicting characters and scenes of the HMAV Bounty. Currently unavailable.

In addition to more than 1,000 books and 50 periodicals with articles relating to HMS Bounty, William Bligh, Pitcairn and Norfolk islands, the Study Center also holds:

Scores of photographs of people and places relating to the four main areas of the Study Center´s interest. (Click here for links to Study Center Photo Tours on the Resources Page.)

Approximately 2,000 35mm color slides relating to the four main areas of the Study Center´s interests.

Several audio tapes relating to the Study Center´s interests.

Dozens of artifacts from Pitcairn Island.

Pitcairn Islands stamp collection (stamps, postcards, first day covers), and a smaller collection of Norfolk Island philately.

Several years´ correspondence between Pitcairn Islanders and persons elsewhere.

Nearly complete collection of the PILHI (1957-1959) and PITCAIRN MISCELLANY (1959-Present), monthly newspapers of Pitcairn Island.

Bibliography of over 1,100 cards.

Card file of 381 cards listing books about the Study Center´s areas of interest in the Mitchell Library, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Vertical file of pamphlets, articles, papers, and newspaper clippings about the Study Center´s areas of interest.

Obituary file with dozens of obituaries on Pitcairners and Norfolk Islanders.

Films (film strips, motion pictures, video cassettes, CDs, and microfilm).

Polynesian stone artifacts that pre-date arrival of the HMS Bounty mutineers at Pitcairn Island.

Models of HMS Bounty and the mission ship Pitcairn.

Ship´s lamp used in the first church (Church of England) on Pitcairn Island.

Collection of Pitcairn and Bounty commemorative coins.

Miscellaneous metal, stone and wood items relating to "The Bounty Saga."