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We thank you for helping . . .
to endow the Pitcairn Islands Study Center.

The dollars you have given are a much-appreciated present gift, but they are also a gift that will generate interest-earned funds for the Study Center in every year of the future yours is a gift that will just keep on giving year after year! We thank you for it.

We promise to use your gift in a prudent and productive way to fulfill the dual mission of the Pitcairn Islands Study Center

  1. To provide timely, accurate information about Pitcairn Island and other parts of The Bounty Saga to researchers, authors, scholars, journalists, students, scientists, academics and others throughout the world.
  2. To provide as funds become available emergency financial funding, when no other funding source is available, for the corporate, infrequent crisis that does arise from time to time on Pitcairn Island.

Again, thank you, and may naught but the fair winds find you out in the days ahead.

Herbert Ford, Director
Pitcairn Islands Study Center

Rugged-looking Pitcairn Island, its precipitous cliffs and verdant-green vales rising 1,100-feet into the bright sunlight, lies about midway between Panama and New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean.