Archives & Special Collections

The Archives & Special Collections acquire, preserve, and make available items relating to the history and development of Pacific Union College and the Seventh-day Adventist Church, especially in Northern California and the Pacific Rim. This part of the library supports and promotes research by Pacific Union College students, faculty, alumni, and other researchers who work with primary and secondary source materials.

The Archives & Special Collections are located in the Library Walter Utt Center on the lower level. Call (707) 965-6241 or email the Reference Librarian to ask questions, request material, or to set up an appointment.

Online Collections

Vital: Contains Campus Chronicle issues from 1924 to the present, Diogenes Lanterns, photographs, albums, slides, and more digitized historic documents. 

Archive-ItContains snapshots of changes to Pacific Union College websites from 2015 to the present. Use this collection to view and browse websites as they used to appear.

FlickrHighlights certain photos in the archives and includes online exhibits.

ContentDM: This collection of Campus Chronicle issues from 1924 to 2009 is now replaced by Vital, but ContentDM provides a secondary way to keyword search in a different interface.

Library CatalogUse the catalog to find call numbers for thousands of books in the Alumni, Heritage, Maxwell, and Pitcairn collections and the Vault.


Online Bibliographies

Shearer Bibliographies

Comprehensive lists of references for research on all areas of Seventh-day Adventist history, religious history, and general history can be found in a collection of bibliographies prepared by Gary Shearer, Librarian Emeritus, Pacific Union College. NOTE: Gary retired at the end of 2006 and updates to his many bibliographies ceased as they were his personal project.


Archival Collections

Collection Name      Collection Number

Adu Worku Collection           PUC.MSS.057 FINDING AID

Alice Ding Collection           PUC.MSS.079

Alice Holst Collection           PUC.MSS.061 FINDING AID

Alma McKibbin Collection           PUC.MSS.065

Andrew (Andy) Hanson Collection           PUC.MSS.068 FINDING AID

Asian Missions Lantern Slides         PUC.PIC.069

Barbara Phipps Collection           PUC.MSS.026

Benjamin P. Hoffman Collection      PUC.MSS.017 FINDING AID

Carl D. Anderson Collection           PUC.MSS.001 FINDING AID

Charles Anderson Collection            PUC.MSS.075

Charles Elliott Weniger Collection           PUC.MSS.045

Clement Counter & Paul Wickman Collection        PUC.MSS.011

Donald M. Warren Collection           PUC.MSS.042

Donly Gray Collection           PUC.MSS.015 FINDING AID

Dramatic Arts Society Collection           PUC.MSS.089

Earl Lehman Collection        PUC.MSS.074

Early PUC Lantern Slides     PUC.PIC.062 FINDING AID

Edna Fisher Collection          PUC.MSS.073

Eliott Varner Smith Collection         PUC.PISC.078

Elman J. Folkenberg Collection        PUC.MSS.013

Ernest L. Place Collection           PUC.MSS.027

Ernest M. Christiansen Collection           PUC.MSS.007

Ernest R. Johnson Collection            PUC.MSS.018

Ervil D. Clark Collection           PUC.MSS.008

Evabelle R. Winning Collection        PUC.MSS.046

Floyd. O. Rittenhouse Collection           PUC.MSS.031

Ford Family Collection          PUC.MSS.083

Frank Riggs Collection          PUC.MSS.047

Fred C. Hutchinson Collection          PUC.MSS.053 FINDING AID

Fred Veltman Collection           PUC.MSS.040

George H. Ham Collection           PUC.MSS.016

George R. West Collection           PUC.MSS.063

Gordon Madgwick Collection           PUC.MSS.020

Harold Clark & Earl Aagaard Collection           PUC.MSS.010

Harold W. Clark Collection           PUC.MSS.009

Health Services Collection           PUC.ART.072

Herschel and Ruth Wheeler Collection           PUC.MSS.043

Jack W. Provonsha Collection           PUC.MSS.067

James and Marcia Terrell Papers           PUC.MSS.035

Joel Lutes Collection           PUC.MSS.064

John Peter Anderson Collection      PUC.MSS.002

John W. Cassell Collection           PUC.MSS.004

John W. Christian Collection            PUC.MSS.005

John Whieldon Collection           PUC.MSS.080

Joseph C. Johannes Collection          PUC.MSS.019

Joseph M. Peterson Collection         PUC.MSS.025

Joseph Wheeler Collection           PUC.MSS.044

L. L. Moffat Collection            PUC.MSS.066

L.E. Niermeyer Collection           PUC.MSS.060 FINDING AID

Larry A. Mitchel Collection           PUC.MSS.051 FINDING AID

Linda Thorman Collection           PUC.MSS.036

Lois Christian Randolph Collection           PUC.MSS.077

Lula (Lulu) Layman Collection        PUC.MSS.082 FINDING AID

Lydia Madsen Collection      PUC.MSS.081 FINDING AID

Madge Haines-Morrill Nelson Collection    PUC.MSS.022

Margaret W. Rowen Collection        PUC.MSS.052 FINDING AID

Marvin Walter Collection           PUC.MSS.041

Mary McReynolds Collection            PUC.MSS.021

Minnie E. Dauphinee Collection      PUC.MSS.012

Napa Register Negatives           PUC.PIC.058 FINDING AID

Nelson Memorial Library Collection            PUC.INS.076

Noah Paulin Collection         PUC.MSS.024

Northern California Conference Papers         PUC.NCC.090 FINDING AID

Orville R. Thompson Collection        PUC.ART.048 VAULT FINDING AID

Pacific Union Conference Papers           PUC.MSS.071

Paul Quimby Collection        PUC.MSS.028

Percy W. Christian Collection           PUC.MSS.006 FINDING AID

Postcard Collection           PUC.MSS.055 FINDING AID

Prophetic Charts Collection           PUC.ART.049 FINDING AID

Public Relations Academy Ads, 1960-1961           PUC.INS.056 FINDING AID

PUC Church Sabbath School Records and Registers         PUC.INS.054 FINDING AID

Richard Utt Collection           PUC.MSS.038

Robert Brinsmead Collection           PUC.MSS.003

Roger Bothwell Case           PUC.MSS.059 FINDING AID

San Francisco Earthquake Collection          PUC.MSS.062

Sarah Peck Collection           PUC.MSS.070

Sherwin Goerlitz Poster Collection           PUC.MSS.085

Special Board Committee (1972)           PUC.INS.050 FINDING AID

Stanley S. Slotkin Printed Book Leaves Collection           PUC.MSS.058 FINDING AID

St. Helena Sanitarium School of Nursing Collection           PUC.MSS.084

Toppenberg Collection         PUC.MSS.037

Virgil Staff Collection                        PUC.MSS.034

W. I. Smith Collection            PUC.MSS.033

W. Larry Richards Collection            PUC.MSS.030

Walter C. Utt Collection        PUC.MSS.039 FINDING AID

Walter Rea Collection           PUC.MSS.029

William E. Nelson Collection           PUC.MSS.023

William Thomas Ross Collection      PUC.MSS.032


 Coll # Key (MSS-manuscript papers, ART-artifacts, PIC-photographs, MM-multimedia, INS-institutional archives, PISC-Pitcairn Islands Study Center, NCC-Northern California Conference, SHH-St. Helena Hospital)