About the Collections

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The Archives & Special Collections contain:

Walter C. Utt Center for Adventist History Archives

The Utt Center Archives are comprised of unique and unpublished materials relating to Pacific Union College, with special interest in items that also reflect local or Seventh-day Adventist Church history, and items that build upon existing collection strengths. Collections are particularly strong in the subjects of church history from 1942 to 1985 and Adventist missions. The Walter C. Utt, Fred Veltman, and Walter Rea Papers are of key importance to the Utt Center Archives. Types of material include manuscripts, personal papers, photographs, multimedia, artifacts, ephemera, and more. Included are: the SDA Vertical File, the Local History File, and the Pacific Union College Vertical File.

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Institutional Archives

The Institutional Archives house unpublished, non-current records of administrative, legal, or fiscal importance to the college, such as official correspondence, committee and board of trustees meeting minutes, reports, bulletins, curriculum plans, and other similar documents. The early financial records of Healdsburg College are included in these archives. Coverage dates are approximately from 1903 to 2004. Some materials in these archives are restricted.


The Heritage Collection

The Heritage Collection is comprised of books, periodicals, pamphlets, and other publications by or about the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It also contains books, annuals, periodicals, honors projects and theses, and multimedia materials relating to the history of Pacific Union College and its predecessor, Healdsburg College.


The Alumni Collection

The Alumni Collection is a comprehensive collection of the books and multimedia produced by graduates or former students of Pacific Union College and Healdsburg College. Included in this collection are authors such as George Knight, Joe Wheeler, and others; works by faculty can be found in the Heritage Collection.


The Maxwell Collection

The Maxwell Collection contains books, photographs, videos, sound recordings, and artifacts relating to the Maxwell family. This collection celebrates the legacy of former PUC President, Malcolm Maxwell and his father, Arthur S. Maxwell, who was a well-known author.


The Vault

The vault contains books, manuscripts, museum objects, and PUC history items that are very old, valuable, rare, or fragile.