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Norfolk Island Philately


First Day Covers


The stamps of Norfolk Island have long enjoyed a favored place in the world of philately – its issues are among some of the most attractive and educational of all countries of the world.  Appearing below is the First Day Cover of the Island’s latest issues.

25th Anniversary of Norfolk Island National Park

Norfolk National Park

The Norfolk Island National Park and Norfolk Island Botanic Garden protects over 655 hectares of the remote Territory of Norfolk Island.  Set in the south-west Pacific Ocean, the Territory provides a link between tropical and temperate oceanic island environments, and is home to unique assemblages of flora and fauna.

The Park and Garden provide habitat and breeding areas for endemic species, migratory birds and large colonies of breeding seabirds.  They protect remnant areas of subtropical rainforest and vine-covered hardwood forest which once covered much of the Island.

Management of the National Park and Botanic Garden has a strong focus on the protection of existing native flora and fauna and habitat restoration through the control of invasive species, planting of native vegetation and implementation of erosion control measures.

The National Park and Botanic Garden provide educational, scientific, cultural and recreational opportunities for Norfolk Island residents and visitors, and is a valuable resource for the Norfolk Island tourism industry.

This stamp issue recognizes 25 years of conservation success and acknowledges the hard work of rangers in the Norfolk Island National Parks.

Norfolk Island Abuliton - Abutilon julianae – This low-growing plant was considered extinct until rediscovered on Phillip Island in 1985. When the last of the goats, pigs and rabbits were removed from Phillip Island, the abutilon started re-colonizing.  Propagation and active planting is also securing this species’ future on Norfolk Island.

Phillip Island Hisiscus - Hibiscus insularis – While the entire wild population of this plant is confined to Phillip Island, thanks to widespread plantings it is now well distributed throughout Norfolk Island.  Its beautiful flowers are cream to light green with a dark magenta center when they first open.  The flowers then redden as they age.

Popwood - Myoporum obscurum – These often dome-shaped small trees grow to about six meters tall in open areas of forest.  Their shiny green leaves have a black tip and often black margin.  Prolific, scented white flowers in summer are followed by pea-sized purple berries.  Through active management, these trees are increasing in number and distribution within the park and garden.

Broad-leaved Meryta - Meryta latifolia – One of Norfolk’s plant success stories, this species is on the road to recovery.  In the early 200s, there were only about 20 female plants left, but with propagation and replanting the numbers have increased dramatically. 

The vulnerable narrow-leaved meryta, Meryta angustifolia, is similar; but with narrower leaves. 

Technical Details - The issue date of these stamps was June 24, 2011.  The stamp values are 25 cents, 60 cents, $1.55, and $2.25.  The First Day Cover value is $5.20, with a withdrawal date of July 22, 2011.  The designer of the stamps is 2899 Design of Norfolk Island.  The photographic artists of the stamp issue are Rob Nisbet, Kevin Mills and the Norfolk Island National Park.  The printer of the stamps was Southern Colour Print.  The sheet layout is 50 stamps per sheet in two pages of 25.  The print quantity of the stamps is 15,000.

Norfolk Stamp Issues

(Click small stamp images to see larger views.)

Norfolk stamps of recent date are illustrated below along with their date of release.  Additional release dates and a history of Norfolk philately may be seen by clicking here.

  • 2011 - Chrismas Issue
    • 80 Years of Policing
    • World Heritage
    • National Parks
    • Seashells - Island Shores
    • Definitive
    • Museum Artefacts, 2
  • 2010 - St. Barnabas Chapel
    • World Bowls Champion
    • Christmas 2010
    • Species at Risk
    • Cruise Ships - Norfolk Island
    • They Came Aboard Moyarshire
    • Whaling History of Norfolk
    • World Bowls Championship
  • 2009 - Christmas 2009
    • Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly
    • Bush Birds
    • Joint Territories of Australia
    • Fungi of Norfolk Island
    • Cattle Breeds of Norfolk Island
    • Norfolk Island Mosaics
  • 2008 - Ships Built on Norfolk Island
    • Rare Ferns in Norfolk Island
    • St. John's Ambulance, 25th Anniversary
    • Calves of Norfolk Island
    • A Jewish Resting Place
    • Faces of Norfolk Island
    • Classic Cars
  • 2007 - Banyan Park 'Friendship' Center
    • Christmas 2007
    • Bicentennary of 1st Settlement
    • Queen Victoria Scholarship
    • Ghosts of Norfolk Island
    • Palm Seed Industry
    • Adventure Sports
    • Weed Flowers
  • 2006 - Christmas 2006
    • Centenary of Middlegate School
    • Dogs Issue
    • Seabirds Definitive - Part 2
    • Traditional Hats
    • Sesquicentenary Issue
    • - Arrival at Norfolk Island
    • Sesquicentenary Issue
    • - Departure from Pitcairn
    • Commonwealth Games
    • Queen's Baton
  • 2005 - Christmas 2005
    • Seabirds Difinitive - Part 1
    • Hibiscus Flowers
    • Old Island Houses
    • Norfolk Island Museum
    • Centenary of Rotary International
  • 2004 -
    • Sharks
    • Spiders of Norfolk Island
    • Werken Dar Shep
    • Hippeastrums
    • QUOTA Int’l – Norfolk Island 25th Anniversary Issue
    • New local stamps
    • World Wildlife Fund for Nature
    • 25th Anniversary of Self Government
    • Christmas 2004
  • 2003 -
    • Horses on Norfolk Island
    • Photographic Scenes of Norfolk Island
    • Lillies Issue – Part 1
    • Writer’s Festival
    • Personalised Stamps
    • 50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation
    • 100th Anniversary of Powered Flight
    • Christmas 2003
  • 2002 -
    • Nuffka
    • Cliff Ecology
    • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee
    • The Age of Steam
    • 6th South Pacific Mini Games
    • Bounty Bowls
    • Philip Island Flowers (Part 1)
    • Commonwealth Games
    • Philip Island Flowers (Part 2)
    • Sperm Whale (Joint issue with New Caledonia)
    • Alliance Airlines – First Flight to Norfolk Island
    • Christmas 2002
  • 2001 -
    • Norfolk Island Green Parrot
    • Hong Kong 2001
    • Year of the Snake
    • New Zealand Nat’l Stamp Exhibition, Invercargill
    • Bounty Day
    • Tourism Part 1 (Fragrance)
    • Calm Waters
    • Peace Keeping
    • 6th South Pacific Mini Games, Norfolk Island
    • Postage Laels (counter-printed stamps)
    • Christmas 2001
  • 2000 -
    • Festivals of Norfolk Island, Part 2
    • Year of the Dragon
    • Ducks & Geese of Norfolk Island
    • ANZAC Day 2000
    • Whaler 2000 Project
    • Bounty Day 2000
    • Eighth Festival of Pacific Arts 2000
    • Olymphilex 2000
    • Canpex 2000
    • Christmas 2000
    • Norfolk Island's Personalised Stamps

[Norfolk Island Postcards]

["Stamps of the Australian Territories: Norfolk Island" (By F. Collas, Assistant Controller, Postmaster-General’s Department, Melbourne)]

[Norfolk Island Philatelic Bureau]

Seashells Seashells
Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009
Christmas 2009 Christmas 2009
Bush Birds Norfolk Ships
Norfolk Ferns St. John's Ambulance, 25th Anniversary
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