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Other Search Engines

  • BLINKX --Searches the Web and/or TV news and programs. A companion product is BLINKX.TV, which does not search the Web but is designed to locate clips of TV programs and news.
  • BRAINBOOST --Uses Artificial Intelligence technology to understand the user’s question, and match it with relevant answers available on the web.
  • CLUSTY --Organizes search results into folders grouping similar items together.
  • GIGABLAST -- Returns "related pages" for your Internet searches, even when they contain none of the search keywords you used. It also offers "Giga Bits" - links that refine your search using keywords gleaned from analyzing results - and attempts to answer searches phrased as questions.
  • KARTOO --Presents results and related links in a graphical map based format.
  • MOOTER --Is capable of organizing results around key clusters. The mooter engine learns from the user, and preempts their needs, re-ordering search results to push the increasingly relevant ones to the top.
  • SNAP--Shows results with a logo of the top level domain & information about popularity of that web site on SNAP.

Multi-Search Engines

Specialty Search Engines and Directories

  • ABOUT - Large directory with mostly popular,nonacademic sites.
  • ACADEMIC INDEX - Provides access to nearly 160,000 quality information web pages.
  • ACADEMIC INFO - Points to online educational resources.
  • AWESOME LIBRARY - Organizes and reviews high quality Web resources including the top 5 percent in education. Very good for elementary and secondary education.
  • BEST INFORMATION ON THE NET - Resources suitable for academic use, including a list by major.
  • BUBL - Selected Web resources covering all academic subject areas. It is located in the United Kingdom.
  • DIRECT SEARCH - Points to resources that contain data not easily accessible from general search tools such as Google.
  • DMOZ OPEN DIRECTORY - Compilation of quality Web resources created by thousands of volunteers.
  • eiNET - Searchable Internet directory created and maintained by a group of Internet Librarians..
  • FIRSTGOV - The US Government's Official Web Portal.
  • GO GUIDES - Directory of Internet sites reviewed by a group of volunteers.
  • GOOGLE SCHOLAR - Searches specifically for scholarly literature.
  • INFOMINE - Directory of sites recommended by academic librarians.
  • INTUTE (UK) - Directory of quality websites created by a group of UK universities.
  • LIBRARIANS' INDEX TO THE INTERNET - Points to reliable, trustworthy, and librarian-selected Internet resources.
  • REFDESK- A “one-stop” site for reference information on 50 areas of knowledge.
  • SEARCH EDU - LocatesWeb pages in the .edu domain.
  • WWW VIRTUAL LIBRARY - Selected, academic and professional sites, but with varying levels of quality. .
  • YAHOO DIRECTORY - This directory is mostly made with user-submitted sites. The degree of quality varies greatly from site to site.

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