Year   Date     What/Event                         Where          Notes
17386/4George III bornLondon
17432/2Joseph Banks bornLondon
17549/9William Bligh bornPlymouthto Francis & Jane Bligh
17609/22George III became King of EnglandLondon
17649/25Fletcher Christian born-CumberlandMoorland Closeto Charles & Ann Christian
17676/17Tahiti discovered - Samuel WallisTahitiin ship Dolphin
17677/2Pitcairn Island discovered-CarteretSouth Pacificson of Maj. Pitcairn on Swallow
17688/25Capt Cook departs in EndeavorEnglandfirst Cook voyage of discovery
17707/27Bligh enters active Naval ServiceLondonHMS Hunter-10 gun sloop-as AB
17712/4Bligh promoted to Midshipmanin HMS Hunter
17719/22Bligh departed HMS Hunter
17719/22Bligh to HMS CrescentLondon36 guns - Midshipman
1774Norfolk Island discoveredNorfolk ISby Capt Cook
17749/2Bligh depart HMS CrescentLondon
17749/2Bligh on HMS RangerLondonas AB
17759/30Bligh appointed MidshipmanLondonon HMS Ranger
17763/20Bligh to Master HMS ResolutionLondonCaptaon James Cook
17765/1Bligh passed the Lieutenants exam
17767/14Cook sails on 3rd voyage-ResolutionPlymouthBligh is sailing master
17792/14Captain James Cook killedHawaii
178010/4Resolution/Bligh return to EnglandNoreBligh as navigator
17812/4Bligh marries Elizabeth BethamConchan ParishBetsy from Douglas
17812/14Bligh appointed Master / Belle PouleLondonfought at Dogger Bank
17819/5Bligh transferred from Belle PouleLondon
17819/6Bligh transferred to HMS BerwickLondonCapt John Fergusson-74 guns
178110/5Bligh promoted to Lieutenant
178112/31Bligh departed HMS BerwickLondon
17821/1Bligh arrive HMS Princess AmeliaFifth Lieutenant- 80 guns
17823/19Bligh depart HMS Princess Ameliaafter battle of Dogger Bank
17823/20Bligh served on HMS CambridgeJr. Lieutenant-also w/F Christian
17831/13Bligh departed HMS CambridgeLondonwent to 1/2 pay
17834/25Fletcher Christian to HMS EurydiceSpitheadas Midn- Capt George Courtney
17836/4Bligh to command of LynxJamica trademerchant- for Duncan Campbell
Bligh to command of CambrianJamica trademerchant- for Duncan Campbell
1785Bligh to command of BritanniaJamica trademerchant-Duncan Campbell
1785Britannia departs Englandto JamicaBligh is Capt.w/ F. Christian
1785Britannia arrives Englandfrom JamicaF. Christian is gunner
1787Britannia departs Englandto JamicaCapt Bligh/F Christian 2nd mate
17875/13First Fleet sailsPortsmouthCapt Arthur Phillip-to Australia
17875/23Bethia purchased by AdmiraltyDeptfordRenamed Bounty
17878/2Britannia arrives in EnglandPortsmouthBligh Capt- w/ F. Christian
17878/6Bligh informed of Bounty commandLondonby Campbell-letter to Banks
17878/16Bligh appointed to command BountyLondon
17879/3Bounty out of shipyard dockDeptfordBounty then refitted
178710/9Bounty sailed down the ThamesLongbeachLoaded guns and ammo
178712/23Bounty departs from EnglandSpitheadBreadfruit mission, with 46 men
17881/6Bounty arrives at Canary Is.Tenerifferesupply
17881/12Bounty departs Canary IS.Teneriffe
17881/26Sydney Australia foundedSydneyFirst Fleet- Capt Phillip
1788FebNorfolk Island Penal Colony foundedNorfolk ISFirst Fleet - 
17883/2Fletcher Christian promoted to LTat sea3 watches vice 2 on Bounty
17883/11Matthew Quintal - 24 lashesat seainsolence/contempt to Fryer
17883/28Start of attempt to round Cape HornCape Hornbrutal weather for Bounty
17884/22Bounty turns for AfricaCape HornBligh thanks crew
17885/24Bounty arrives at Cape TownCape Townresupply
17885/24John Williams - 6 lashes-Cape Townneglect in heaving the lead
17887/1Bounty departs Cape TownCape Townresupplied
17888/21Bounty arrives Adventure BayTasmania
17889/4Bounty departs Adventure BayTasmaniaresupplied
178810/9James Valentine dies-Bounty ABat seaasthma, and was bled
178810/19W.Brown./ J.Mills grog stoppedat searefusing to dance/exercise
178810/26Bounty arrives in TahitiMatavia Bayto collect breadfruit
178811/2Breadfruit tent/shore party setupTahiti9 Bounty crew -to collect plants
178811/3John Adams - 12 lashesTahitiallowed grudgeon to be stolen
178812/5Matthew Thompson- 12 lashesTahitifor insolence-disobey orders
178812/9Bounty Surgeon John Huggan diedTahitialcohol poisoning
178812/27William Muspratt - 12 lashesTahitineglect of duty
178812/29Robert Lamb - 12 lashesTahiitneglect of duty-cleaver stolen
17891/53 Bounty men deserted in the cutterTahitiChurchill,Muspratt, Millward
17891/6Midn Haywood confined in ironsTahitiwas watch officer - 3 deserted
17891/17Bounty sails found mildewed/rottedTahitinew sails in storage
17891/233 Bounty Deserters apprehendedTahitiWith help from Tahitians
17891/243 Bounty Deserters punishedTahitiChurch 12,Musp 24,Millward 24
17891/30Isaac Martin - 19 lashesTahitifor striking a Tahitian
17892/42nd floging for 3 Bounty desertersTahitiChurch 12,Musp 24,Millward 24
17892/6Bounty anchor line cutTahiticause/person never determined
17893/2Tahitian man flogged on BountyTahitifor stealing Peckovers bedding
17894/4Bounty departs TahitiTahiti1015 breadfruit plants
17894/22Bounty anchors at NomukaFriendly ISfor water- Natives a problem
17894/26Bounty departs NomukaFriendly ISBligh angry
17894/28Mutiny on the BountySouth Pacific Ocean
17894/29Bligh/launch to shoreTofua23' launch-19 men
17895/2John Norton died - QuartermasterTofuaKilled by Tofuans
17895/2Bligh/launch depart TofuaTofuaStart of boat voyage
17895/28Bounty arrives Tubuai w/mutineersTubuaiat anchor to explore island
17896/6Bounty depart Tubuai w/mutineersTubuaito Tahiti
17896/16Bounty depart Tahiti w/mutineersMatavia Bay
17896/16Bounty launch/Bligh arrive TimorCoupang3618 miles
17896/23Bounty arrive Tubuai w/mutineersTubuaito set up colony
17897/20David Nelson diedCoupangBotanist on Bounty
17898/20Bligh departs Timor in ResourceCoupangpurchased the schooner
17899/12Bounty departs TubuaiTubuaito Tahiti / failed colony
17899/23Bounty departs Tahiti w/9 mutineersMatavia Baylast time in Tahiti-16 stayed
178910/1BlighBounty crew arrive in BataviaBataviain schooner Resource
178910/10Resource and launch soldBatavia
178910/10Thomas Hall diedBataviaAB/ Cook
178910/16Bligh departs Batavia in VlydteBataviawith John Samuel & John Smith
1789William Elphinstone diedBataviamasters mate
1789Peter Linkletter diedBataviaQuartermaster
1789Robert Lamb AB/butcher diedat seaenroute from Batavia to England
1789Thomas Ledward died-act surgeonat sea-ship Welfareenroute from Batavia to England
178912/16Bligh arrives at Cape of Good HopeTable Bayin Dutch ship Vlydte
17901/2Bligh departs Cape of Good HopeTable Bayin Vlydte w/ Samuel & Smith
17901/15Bounty arrives in PitcairnPitcairn Islandnew settlement established
17901/23Bounty is burnedPitcairn Islandnow 'Bounty Day' on Pitcairn
17903/14Bligh arrives in England from BataviaPortsmouthIsle of Wight boat from Vlydte
17903/16Bligh formally reports Bounty mutinyLondonto the Admiralty
1790        4/?Charles Churchill diedTahitimurdered by Matthew Thompson
1790        4/?Matthew Thompson died- ABTahitimurdered by a Tahitian 
17907/1Bligh book 'Narrative' is publishedLondonFirst of Bounty books-G. Nichol
179010/22Bligh court martialed for Bounty lossSpitheadexonerated- HMS Royal William
179011/7HMS Pandora departs EnglandSpitheadCaptain Edward Edwards
179011/14Bligh to HMS Falcon- CaptainLondon14 gun sloop
179012/15Bligh to HMS Medea- CaptainLondon
1790    date ?Fahoutu fell collecting eggs & diedPitcairnWilliams wife-first Pitcairn death
1790        10/?Thursday October Christian bornPitcairnfirst born on Pitcairn
179012/15Bligh promoted to Post CaptainLondon
17913/23HMS Pandora arrives in TahitiTahiti14 Bounty crew taken prisioners
17914/16Bligh to Captain HMS ProvidenceLondon
17915/8HMS Pandora departs from TahitiTahiti14 Bounty crew in a cage
17918/3HMS Providence/Assistant Bligh sailPortsmouthon 2nd Breadfruit voyage
17918/28HMS Pandora wreckGreat Barrier Reefanother boat voyage to Timor
17918/28Henry Hillbrant died -cooperGreat Barrier ReefPandora wreck
17918/28Richard Skinner died -ABGreat Barrier ReefPandora wreck
17918/28John Sumner died -ABGreat Barrier ReefPandora wreck
17918/28George Stewart died-ABmidshipmanGreat Barrier ReefPandora wreck
17919/17HMS Pandora boats arrive in TimorCoupang10 Bounty crewmen
1791    date ?Puarei/Obuarei died-date unknownPitcairnAdams first consort-from Tahiti
17924/10Providence/Assistant Bligh arriveTahiti2nd breadfruit collection
17926/18Bounty/Pandora crew arrive EnglandSpithead10 Bounty crew /HMS Gorgon
17927/1Bligh's book 'Voyage' publishedLondonby G. Nichol- 2nd Bounty book
17927/20Providence/AssistantBligh departTahitiwith breadfruit for Jamica
17928/12Court martial of mutineers beginsHMS DukePortsmouth-10 Bounty crewmen
17928/18Court martial of mutineers endsPortsmouthHMS Duke
179210/29Burkitt, Ellison, Millward hangedSpitheadHMS Brunswick
17931/27Providence/Assistant Bligh arriveJamicadeliver breadfruit
17936/17Providence/Assistant Bligh departJamicaafter service against France
1793   date ?Nancy given to WilliamsPitcairnstart of the rebellion
17938/1Talaloo/Tararo died- RaiateanPitcairnkilled by Menalee
17938/2Oho/Uhuu died-TubuainPitcairnkilled by Menalee
17939/3Providence/Assistant Bligh arriveEnglandat Deptford 8/7-Bligh to 1/2 pay
17939/20Fletcher Christian diedPitcairnkilled by Tahitian men
17939/20William Brown diedPitcairnkilled /b. England 1762
17939/20John Mills diedPitcairnkilled/ b Scotland 1750
17939/20Isaac Martin diedPitcairnkilled/ b USA 1758
17939/20John Williams diedPitcairnkilled/ b. England 1765
17939/28Timoa/Teimau died-TahitianPitcairnkilled by Menalee
179310/1Menalee/Minarii died-TahitianPitcairnkilled by McCoy
179310/4Nehow/Niau died- TahitianPitcairnkilled by Young
179310/4Tetaheite/Taroamiva died-TubuainPitcairnkilled by Susan
17945/1Minutes of Bounty court martial Portsmouthpublished by Stephen Barney
17945/14Appendix to court martial MinutesPortsmouthpublished by Edward Christian
179412/3Bligh Answer to Christian AppendixLondonpublished by Bligh/G. Nichol
1795Short Reply to Bligh's AnswerLondonpublished by Edward Christian
17954/30Bligh to command- HMS Calcutta24 guns
17961/7Bligh departs HMS Calcutta
17961/7Bligh to command -HMS Director64 guns
17974/16Mutiny at SpitheadSpitheadmutiny 4/16 to 5/15
17975/12Mutiny at the NoreLondonmutiny 5/12 to 6/13
17975/19Bligh ordered off of HMS DirectorSheernessMutiny at the Nore
17976/16Bligh returned to HMS DirectorSheernessthen to Camperdown Battle
1798    date ?William McCoy diedPitcairnsuicide - drunk/b. 1763 Scotland
1798    date ?William Muspratt died - tailorEngland
1798John Hallet died - midshipmanat seaHMS Penelope sinking
17984-?Thomas Hayward died-midshipmanat seaHMS Swift sinking
1799   date ?Tevarua/Big Sully/Sarah diedPitcairnQuintal consort
1799   date ?Matthew Quintal killedPitcairnby Adams and Young/b 1766
18007/3Bligh departed HMS DirectorLondonshore leave in London
180012/25Edward Young died-midshipmanPitcairnof asthma/b. 1762 W.I.
18013/13Bligh command of MHS GlattonYarmouthBattle of Copenhagen
18014/13Bligh departed HMS GlattonCopenhagenthanked by Nelson
18014/13Bligh to command of HMS MonarchCopenhagen74 guns-appoint by Adm Parker
18015/7Bligh departed HMS MonarchNore
18015/8Bligh command of HMS IrresistibleNore74 guns-
18015/21Bligh elected Fellow, Royal SocietyLondon
18025/28Bligh departed HMS IrresistibleLondonstood down - 1/2 pay
18045/2Bligh to command-HMS WarriorPlymouth
18052/25Bligh court martial startedHMS San Josefre Warrior-Lt Frazier
18052/26Bligh court martial concludedTorbayBligh reprimanded/admonished
18052/26Bligh returned to WarriorPortsmouthas Commanding Officer
18054/29Bligh appointed Governor of NSWLondon
18062/20Bligh departs England for NSWLondonHMS Porpoise & Lady Sinclair
18068/8Bligh arrives in NSW as governorSydneybecame governor 8/14
1807James Morrison died/masters mateat seagunner-HMS Blenhiem
18081/26Bligh deposed as governor of NSWSydneyRum Rebellion
18082/6Capt Folger rediscovers Pitcairn ISPitcairnin American sealer Topaz
18095/14Admiralty notified-Bounty at PitcairnLondonnews via Brazil-Lt Fitzmarice
18105/12Bligh departs NSWSydneyin HMS Hindostan
181010/25Bligh arrives in England from NSWSpitheadthen Bligh to London
1810    date ?Mareva died PitcairnManarii/Teimua/Niau-Adams
1810    date ?Yeatuahitea diedPitcairnBrown consort
18117/31Bligh promoted to Rear AdmiralLondonflag never broken at sea
18124/15Bligh's wife Elizabeth diedLambethburied at Lambeth
18146/4Bligh promoted to Vice AdmiralLondonat his home
18149/17Capts Pipon & Stains arrive PitcairnPitcairnHMS Tagus & Briton
18175/26John Fryer died -Bounty MasterNorfolk UKWells next the sea
181710/17American ship Sultan visit PitcairnPitcairnCapt Caleb Reynolds
181710/19Jenny departed Pitcairn to TahitiPitcairnon American Ship Sultan
181712/7Bligh died of cancerLondonburied at Lambeth 
18191/18British ship Hercules arrives PitcairnPitcairnCapt Henderson-brought books
18193/2American ship Elizabeth arrivesPitcairnCapt Henry King
18193/5American whaler Stanton arrivesPitcairnCapt Burtch
18197/17Jenny interview publishedSydneyin Sydney Gazette
18206/19Sir Joseph Banks diedLondonSpring Grove-Isleworth
18201/29King George III diedLondonWindsor Castle
18214/23English ship Surry arrives PitcairnPitcairnCapt Thomas Raine
18223/8American whaler Russell arrivesPitcairnCDR Frederic Arthur
182312/10English whaler Cyrus arrivesPitcairnMaster John Hall
182312/10John Buffett/John Evans arrivedPitcairnon ship Cyrus from London
182512/5HMS Blossom visited PitcairnPitcairnCapt Beechey
18263/7Sarah/Sully died-Chas Christian wifePitcairnTeio's baby from Tahiti
182612/14Jane Quintal departed PitcairnPitcairnShip Lovely Ann-Capt Blythe
182811/5George Hunn Nobbs arrivedPitcairnwith Noah Bunker in small boat
18293/5John Adams diedPitcairnBuried on Pitcairn/b1763 London
18293/14Teio/Mary diedPitcairnJohn Adams wife- blind
18312/10Peter Heywood died -Post CaptainEnglandafter distinguished naval career
18313/7Pitcairners move to Tahitifrom Pitcairnvia Lucy Ann & Comet
18313/21Pitcairners arrive in Tahitifrom Pitcairnvia Lucy Ann & Comet
18314/21Thursday October Christian diedTahitifirst born on Pitcairn
18314/29Vahineatua/Prudence diedTahitiMills/Adams consort
18316/9Toowhaiti/Nancy diedTahitiTararo/Williams/Young consort
18316/271st Pitcairners back to Pitcairnfrom Tahitivia Courier de Bordeaux
18319/3Last Pitcairners back to Pitciarnfrom Tahitivia Am whaler Charles Doggett
    date ?Tehuteatuaonoa/Jenny diedTahitiAdams/Martin consort
183210/28Joshua Hill arrivedPitcairnvia barque Maria from Tahiti
18343/10William Purcell died- CarpenterEnglandLast of Bounty crew -in asylum
183712/9Joshua Hill departs PitcairnPitcairnvia HMS Imogene/ Capt Bruce
183811/29Pitcairn became British ColonyPitcairnHMS Fly -Capt Russell Elliott
183811/29Edward Quintal 1st Chief MagistratePtcairnelection supervized by Elliott
18419/14Mauatua/Maimiti diedPitcairnChristian/Young consort
18507/15Teraura/Teopiti/Susannah diedPitcairnYoung/Quintal/T.O. Christian
18565/2Pitcairners move to Norfolk IslandPitcairnvia HMS Morayshire
18566/8Pitcairners arrive at Norfolk IslandNorfolk ISon HMS Moyayshire
18583/15Wild Wave crew -Capt Knowlesarrive Pitcairnin boat from wreck on Oeno Is.
18591/171st Pitcairners back to Pitcairnfrom Norfolk ISvia brig Mary Ann
186312/182nd Pitcairners back to Pitcairnfrom Norfolk ISvia ship St Kilda
188411/6George Hunn Nobbs diedNorfolk IS
18915/5John Buffett diedNorfolk IS
189112/30John Evans diedNorfolk IS
188610/18John Tay arrives via sloop PelicanPitcairn7th Day Adventist layman
189011/25Schooner Pitcairn arrrivesPitcairnw/ John Tay & 7th Day minister