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Computer Lab



10 a.m. to midnight


Mon. - Wed.

8 a.m. to midnight



8 - 10a.m.,
11 a.m. to midnight



8 - 2p.m.

(Vacation hours differ. Call 6199.)

The library maintains a computer lab. The computers can be used for tutorials, word-processing, e-mail, World Wide Web browsing, and multimedia viewing. The library computer lab also offers a flatbed scanner, a 1200 dpi laser printer, a color ink-jet printer, and CD-RW drives for student use. Faculty can reserve the computer lab for class activities by calling 6639.

Software on library lab computers aids both students and instructors. Students can prepare for classes and pre-professional exams. Commercially made programs can help students prepare for standardized exams. Instructors utilize the resources of the Learning Resource Center and the library to create opportunities for students to receive additional instruction outside of the classroom. Teacher-designed programs serve as tutorials for textbook chapters. Computer-assisted test reviews and labs are an integral part of classes in several academic disciplines.

The computer lab is linked to the library network allowing every computer access to the library's catalog and databases and makes the entire center more effective. Additionally, with PUC's T1 connection to the Internet, students can quickly surf the Web for sources of valuable information from all over the world.

Available to students from all departments, the computer lab is a helpful, convenient place to do college work. Trained student workers and/or staff are on duty during heavy usage times to provide computer assistance. Feedback from students and continued heavy use suggest that students are benefiting academically from the computer facilities in the library.

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